Have I Been Pwned

Category: Web - Points: 49 - Solves: 7 Description: Find the Flag in the files of the website

Infos: To preserve the health of the server, brute-force tools such as Gobuster are not allowed. http://davincicode.fr:5000/

Solution: To solve this challenge you need to find the file who contains the FLAG. If you inspect the response header, you can see that the website is built with Werkzeug/2.0.1 and Python/3.9.5 When we connect to the website, we have been offered a basic homepage with just a simple input. So when you do a few researches you rapidly find that you can use the SSTI attack. The SSTI consist to use native template syntax to inject a malicious payload into a template, which is then executed server-side. One article who helped me to make an SSTI attack is published here : SSTI attack writeup. The author explains all steps to finish the attack. So after a few explanations, we start to view the results on our website. So we do a lot of commands who are update step by step. The command who gives the FLAG is :

{{url_for.__globals__.os.popen('cat ls cd ChallengeWeb1/flag.txt').read()}}

This command displays the FLAG on the web page.


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