Baby RSA

Category: Crypto - Points: 10 - Solves: 41 Description: Wow, this time I can't compute the the private key! Or can I?


N= 0x25b8f38aed4a22b31dde75e46e276d0d e= 0x10001 ct= 0x10891034ce51c23bfe2f7bf29a62938e

Solution: To solve this challenge you need to calculate the p and q parameters for the RSA key. To do this you need to decompose the N value in prime factor. For this, the following website is great: Prime Factor Calculator After having calculated the 2 parameters (p: 5665192965464669089 and q: 8850847341676960237), you can go to the following website to calculate the RSA key: RSA Calculator Once on this website, you can enter the informations in the right places and the FLAG will be calculated automatically.


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