Category: Forensics - Points: 49 - Solves: 7 Description: I found a weird USB stick on the floor in my office building's parking. I plugged it in before my colleague yelled at me and proceeded to investigate the USB stick. He only managed to extract this; can you make any sense out of it? What have I done to my pc!


A .bin file is provided (dump.bin)

Solution: To solve this challenge you need to imagine the situation written in the description. So there is a person who finds a USB key on the floor of his work building. He plugs the USB on a computer and there is nothing on the key. His coworker finds just the "cracking" file by doing deep researches on the key. What can be this USB key? A Rubber Ducky USB !!! So now we need to find a decrypter of Rubber Ducky code and it is good. There is DuckToolkit. When we upload the file on the website, it returns the script (duckycode.txt) contain in the file and we can find the FLAG in it.


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